I Ruined the Tooth Fairy for My Kid After Her Very First Visit

tooth fairy bearWell, folks? Yesterday it finally happened. My 7-year-old lost his first tooth -- something we've both been anticipating for at least a year or so. I kept wondering when the hell it was going to happen since all of his little friends have already lost multiple teeth. The dentist assured me the reason he's such a late bloomer is because he cut teeth very late as a baby -- but now he's officially part of the toothless club, I guess.

And he's still young enough to believe in tooth fairy magic -- which I'm afraid could turn out to be a huge problem in our household.

You see ... I already went and messed up the whole tooth fairy thing on the first try.


I was so flippin' excited about my little dude's tooth coming out that I decided the fairy would pay big bucks for it ... you know -- to make a big deal out of it since it took so long for him to hit this milestone.

Yep. She left him a Jackson ... $20. For one stinkin' tooth. And you should've seen the look on his face this morning when he found it. It was like he'd hit the jackpot or something. And even though I explained to him that she only pays that much for the first tooth and not to expect $20 bills from here on out -- I can't help but wonder if I really screwed myself over with this one by setting the bar so high.

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Seriously people, what was I thinking? And where do I go from here? Please enlighten me ... what is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? I'm thinking maybe I should take it down to $10, then $5, then maybe $2 or $3 per tooth after that? (But what if he's disappointed?)

Just to be on the safe side, I think I'll remind him at least 100 more times that he shouldn't expect a big pay-out when the next tooth falls out. His other bottom one is ready and rearin' to go any day now -- and I'm all out of big bills. Too bad he didn't lose both of the damn things on the same day, which would've made the $20 much more justifiable. 

How much does the tooth fairy leave your kids?


Image via Mary Fischer

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