5 Memorable TV Teen Personalities: Which One Is Your Kid?

Angela ChaseSometimes teenagers can be next to impossible to read. You ask them what's new and get an artful, almost-Parisian shrug in return. You ask them how their day was and get a grunt or, on a particularly interesting day, the odd monosyllable. They don't mean to be distant weirdos. It's just that they are so caught up in a world that's infinitely more complex than your adult mind can handle...or so they think. 

This is where TV can really help us. While obviously the shows we watch aren't perfect mirrors of reality, they can provide us with archetypes of teenage behavior. Not that a TV show can really help us decipher what's going on in our teenagers' brains. But they can help reassure us that whatever's going on is totally normal -- and there's a TV Teen Stereotype to prove it. 


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1.) Angela Chase, My So-Called Life

Claire Danes

She thinks no one understands her except for that douchebag she's been "secretly" dating. Yeah, you know the guy I'm talking about -- he's got that stupid-car, and that long hair and can't read. She thinks her life is an epic melodrama worthy of narration. She is mistaken.  

2.) Zach Morris, Saved By The Bell

He skipped his awkward-phase and woke up knowing both his way around a blow-dryer AND his lady-teacher's hearts. This ladies man only runs for three things: Buses, blondes, and brunettes. He's a consummate charmer with a phone as big as his heart.  

3.) Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert

You might not know it, but your teenager's life? Far more epic than your own. She laughs, she cries, she writes in her diary. Her biggest problem might actually only include a forgotten math test, but from the way she carries on you almost wouldn't be surprised if she confessed to you that she was torn between two sexy sexy vampire brothers and couldn't handle the stress. 

4.) Seth Cohen, The O.C.

elena gilbert

Your teen's a wall-mannered, geeky, smart-as-a-whip cutie...who is completely caught up with girls who won't give him the time of day. He makes all your friends laugh with his quips and teenage awkwardness. You don't worry about his future, he's got an old soul, and good heart.

5.) Spencer Hastings, Pretty Little Liars


Your teen thinks she's 40. She dresses like a middle-aged financier and on the SUPER-RARE OCCASION she messes something up at home or school she's harder on herself than you'd ever be. This little control-freak on the make is wrapped far too tightly. Also she could be being blackmailed and tormented by an anonymous third party. Why she STILL hasn't told you at this point is utterly beyond me. 

Who are your favorite T.V. Teens?

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