7 Things Parents Forbid Their Teens to Do, But Still Do Themselves


It’s easy for parents to come up with a list of forbidden behaviors for our kids. After all, it’s our job to keep them safe and healthy as long as they are under our roof. Though, a new anti-smoking ad drives home one, very scary fact: parents are total hypocrites. We tell our kids they can’t do this or that, all the while engaging in the behaviors ourselves. And it’s not just smoking. It begs the question, why should they listen to us when we can’t follow the rules we insist they adhere to? Take a look at the bad habits we don’t want our kids to do, but still give into ourselves.


1. Smoking. The hazards are clear. The habit can lead to lung cancer, emphysema and other medical issues. People are horrified at the thought of a little kid lighting up. They will preach about all the evils of smoking, even while puffing away on a cigarette themselves. Take a look.

2. Getting drunk for fun. Who doesn't look forward to a wild girls night once in awhile? But if your teenage daughter wants to do it, you would go berserk.

3. Smoking pot. For obvious reasons, no parent would encourage this one. It’s illegal. Still, there are moms and dads who toke up in the basement or after the bedtime thinking their kids have no idea what they are up to. News flash: they do.

4. Sex with someone they barely know. Now granted, if you are in a committed relationship or marriage, hopefully this isn’t one you indulge in. However, there are plenty of single parents out there who feel like their sex life is their business and if they want to have casual sex occasionally, so be it.

5. Binge on fast food or sweets when you are down. I’ve had plenty of pizza and ice cream nights. Eating your feelings are never a good idea, no matter your age. I would hate for my child to mimic this coping mechanism.

6. Curse. In a perfect world, as soon as our little angels are born our inclination to yell sh*t and other four-letter words would disappear. Some would say having kids (and all the aggravation that comes with it) has made them even more likely to curse. But no way do we allow them to do it.

7. Lie. We tell them how wrong lying is almost from the moment they start speaking. Yet, we do it Every. Single. Day.

Yes, these are definitely double standards but that’s the right of every grown-up, I suppose. One day, when they have kids of there own, they will understand -- at least we can hope they do.

Do you think parents should follow the same rules they give their children?


Image via sboneham/Flickr

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