Christmas Morning Freakouts That Make All the Holiday Stress Worth It (VIDEOS)

xmas freakoutIt's one of the perks of parenthood I was just explaining to someone: Creating Christmas morning magic. You know what I'm talking about -- that moment when your kid wakes up, walks over to the tree, and GASP! It's all lit up and there are presents under the tree. And if you and Santa have managed to hit the perfect balance of indulgence but not mind-numbing spoiling, you get to watch your child tear into those presents and freak out over their new toys.

I admit, this is one of the joys of Christmas. Yup, I'm totally buying my child's happiness, for one morning only. And you know what? I'm not sorry. So in anticipation of that materialist Yuletide joy, let's watch a bunch of kids lose their shit under the tree on Christmas morning. Because it never gets old.


Warning, turn down the volume for this one.

So much screaming.

Here's the reaction you're going for.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the wrapped boxes! Just kidding -- the payoff at the end of this video is totally worth the ridiculous unwrapping.

This one is all about the first few seconds. You can pretty much skip the rest. But you have to see these kids' theatrical entrances.

And now, just because it's called for: A Christmas morning freakout parody video.

Have you seen your kids freak out on Christmas morning, or are they pretty mellow?


Image via Penni J/YouTube

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