Little Girl's Reaction to Surprise Disney Trip Is a Major Buzz Kill (VIDEO)

little girl and babySigh. Surprising the kiddos with a trip to Disney World is pretty much every parent's dream. It's only, like ... the happiest place on earth -- so what kid wouldn't absolutely lose her mind over the news that she's about to board a plane and go visit the mouse?

Well, apparently there are exceptions to every rule. Wait until you get a load of this little girl whose parents surprised her with a Disney trip at the airport.

Let's just say she wasn't at all amused -- and she had another destination of choice in mind instead.


Check it out. It'll seriously make your day.


OMG! Forget Disney. Poor girl just wants to head to Mobile. As in Mobile, Alabama. As in I don't know who or what is in Mobile, Alabama that's so much more pleasurable to see than Mickey, Cinderella, and everyone in between.

Is this priceless or what? But you have to feel a little bad for her parents. You could tell they were both waiting for her to jump up and down and start screaming after they told her they were going to Disney -- so it had to be a pretty big letdown when she got all pissed off and burst into tears.

But you really do HAVE to wonder why she wanted to go to Mobile so bad. If I had to guess, I'd say that's probably where grandma lives. For the life of me, I can't think of anything that could possibly be more exciting to a little kid than Disney other than a grandparent who spoils the heck out of them.

Have you ever surprised your kids with a Disney trip? How did they react?


Image via Qtip Blondie/YouTube

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