'Things Crunchy Pregnant Mamas Say' Pretty Much Sums Us Up (VIDEO)

Shit Crunchy Pregnant Mamas SayRemember when the Internet was taken over by a crazy load of "Sh-- So-and-So Says" videos? It turns out pregnant women who are going all natural never got their day in the sun. So what's a mom to do? Make her own "Sh-- Crunchy Pregnant Mamas Say" video, of course!

Don't worry, AP parents, this is not another attack from parents who just don't get why someone would home birth or want to attack your placenta burial. Created by the mom behind Mama Natural, the video pokes good-natured fun at the way a certain set of expectant mothers tend to sound exactly alike.


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See what I mean? It's all in good fun ... which doesn't mean it isn't reaaaally funny!

Here are the lines I know I've heard many a time from natural mamas in my hood:

I've got two words for you: spinning babies.

Only positive words! Baby's listening.

So what are you going to do with your placenta?

I would love to give birth on the farm, but Ina May, she gets so backed up!

Why in the h--- would I get a flu shot?

Are you a crunchy pregnant mama? What was your favorite line?


Image via Genevieve Natural Mama/YouTube

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