Airport Security Guard Makes Epic Dive to Save Falling Baby (VIDEO)

airport security babyI don't know how many of us typically look at airport security guards as "heroes" so much as the people who instruct us to throw out our water bottles, but one airport security guard in Poland can 100 percent be called the former. Security agent Grzegorz Paczko was about 16 feet away from a father and baby when they were gathering their things up from the table after putting them through the x-ray conveyor belt. The father placed the baby on the table, and, because babies are wiggly, the baby fell off. But seconds before the kid hits the ground -- and I do mean seconds -- the security guard slides in out of nowhere and catches the little one. Seriously, it's crazy, and you need to see it. There hasn't been a catch like this since San Francisco Giants’ Kevin Mitchell's '89 bare-handed catch.

(Yes, I just Googled "Best baseball catches ever.")


Pretty crazy catch, huh? He came out of nowhere -- and thank goodness he did, because that baby could have been seriously injured!

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Parents, don't place your babies on countertops or anywhere high up. They're fast. Faster than you think. And wiggly. And odds are, when you're at home, there won't be a superhero airport security guard to swoop in and save the day.

Do you ever place your child on countertops? Do you ever put the Bumbo Seat on countertops?


Image via LiveLeak

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