Family's 'Christmas Jammies' Video Is Like a Holiday Card on Steroids (WATCH)

holderness familyIn a time when guys choreograph wedding proposals specifically with hopes that the video of it will go viral, it's no surprise some families are creating "year in review" Christmas letters with the same aim! But some are more successful than others, and it looks like the Holderness family from Raleigh, North Carolina takes the cake this year. Dad Penn (an anchor for WNCN) and mom Kim (former anchor for WRAL), along with their kiddos Lola and Penn Jr., have produced a hilarious, adorable "card" entitled, "Christmas Jammies."

Set to Will Smith's "Miami," the Holderness clan takes turns touting their greatest accomplishments of 2013 ... ultimately in an effort to tout the parents' new marketing and media company. But you won't mind the obvious, shameless plug, because not only are they pretty much the most attractive family ever, but the kids are ridiculously cute, and the video super-entertaining. It's kinda no wonder it has gone crazy viral!

Check it out ...


Okay, so the general consensus on this seems to be split down the middle: 50 percent love, 50 percent annoyed by how perfect and "braggy" they are. But whether you adore or abhor it, you just can't help but keep watching ... and want to pass it along!

Personally, I figure the parents work in TV, and making catchy videos is obviously their forte, so more power to 'em! And anyone who doesn't like it might just be jealous they don't have #XMASJAMMIES with their name on 'em, too.

What's your reaction to the Holdernesses' video? Would you ever do something similar with your fam?


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