Ad Perfectly Captures the Agony & Ecstasy of Being a Parent (VIDEO)

Anyone who has had a baby knows you are like a walking wreck for at least 6 months after you give birth -- more like a year unless you have a child who likes you enough to sleep and nap on cue (and if you do, please don't share the details). There are few things more  annoying than sitting on the couch in your milk-stained robe, hair unwashed, and turning on the TV to waste the only 10 minutes you have to yourself that day -- and then getting trapped into watching some sappy, completely unrealistic commercial for toothpaste or an insurance company that features fashionable moms, happy, quiet babies bouncing off laps, and spotless living rooms. Liars!

In real life, parenting is pretty much exactly like this sweet and funny Coca Cola commercial, which has its roots in Argentina, but has become a viral hit everywhere. 


The commercial starts off with hipster dad and mom discovering they're about to have a baby. Remember that joy? Remember the feeling of not having a clue what was in store for you except for pure love and tons of cuddles?! 

Appropriately, the video then quickly cuts to the very first hellish experience of early parenting: sleeplessness. Night after night after night of getting three to four hours of sleep. Kudos to Coca Cola for making dad get up in the middle of the night, and triple kudos for showing what a living room really looks like after having a baby -- think Battle of Gettysburg if soldiers were replaced with bouncers and stuffed lambs.

Commercial Baby does things many of our babies have done, from trying to eat out of the dog's bowl to hiding for hours in a cabinet and looking too cute to scold once he's discovered. And then the most wonderful surprise comes at the very end -- I won't spoil it, but I will say dad's look of shock, agony, and then utter joy perfectly captures all of the stages parents go through when...well, when what happens happens. 

Check it out!

Do you think this commercial portrays early parenthood in a realistic light?


Image via YouTube

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