4-Year-Old Who Hasn't Seen Dad for a Year Can't Stop Hugging Him (VIDEO)

4-year-old hugging daddy

OMG. I know we've all seen plenty of these heartwarming military reunion videos -- but this new one of a 4-year-old girl clinging to her father after he surprised her with his homecoming is definitely one of the best yet.

Little Neveah had not seen her daddy, Sgt. Sedale Benjamin, in an entire year before he walked into her preschool classroom last Thursday. Yep ... a year. He had not been on U.S. soil since December 12th, 2012. (Think about that for a sec.)


His wife organized the surprise reunion with Neveah, and when she finally saw her daddy, well ... I think the video speaks for itself.

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Ahhhhh! Isn't hearing her say, "Daddy" over and over and over again one of the sweetest sounds EVER? It was like she couldn't believe he was actually there in the room with her -- so she had to keep repeating his name and hugging him like crazy to convince herself it wasn't a dream. (Cue the tears.)

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And can you even begin to imagine how thrilled Sgt. Benjamin was to hear his name come out of his little girl's mouth -- when he hadn't heard it in an entire year? He must have felt like he was going to burst with happiness.

Something tells me there won't be any shortage of hugs between Neveah and her daddy this holiday season ... and what a miracle it is that they are able to spend it together! Even Santa can't hold a candle to the man who is obviously her biggest hero.

What moved you most about this reunion?


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