10 'Oh-No-She-Didn't!' Things Grandmas Have Done With Their Grandkids

babyWhen it come to babysitters, there aren't many who quite measure up the grandparents. Who loves your baby quite like Grandma and Grandpa, amirite? Ahem. A warning? Bad Grandpa is not just a Johnny Knoxville movie, y'all!

Even the best of grandparents have a way of thinking it's OK for them to completely ignore a parent's wishes and do some of the most bizarre things with a baby. Feeding a 2-month-old ice cream? Giving an 8-month-old their first taste of wine?

We've asked around, and it turns out grandparents have lost their babysitting license for pulling some serious stunts with their grandbabies. Just look:


1. My Mom and Dad "muscled" their way into the operating room and held my daughter before my husband and I even got to see her. Back then, you could get around -- security was completely different and my mom knew everyone on the OR floor. She never lets Me, or my daughter, forget it - "I held you first."

2. My mother-in-law was babysitting my daughter for the day, and she decided to take her for her first haircut ever. My husband couldn't understand why I was so upset, but this was her FIRST haircut. I wanted to be there to take photos and to save that first little curl. It's hard enough being a working mom and missing things, but that's one milestone I was planning to be there for!

3. My parents had my daughter for the day, and my husband and I were supposed to meet up with them for dinner at a local restaurant. When we got there, my 8-month-old was sampling wine from my mother's cup.

4. I know someone whose mother-in-law took her grandson to be baptized even though Mom and Dad agreed to raise their kids Jewish. Dad was Catholic, mom was Jewish. Grandma wanted nothing to do with any agreements!

5. My mother decided she was going to "cure" my daughter of her pacifier by forcing her to cry it out during naptime one day when she was babysitting. I was so mad!

6. My mother-in-law put borscht in my baby's bottle at 4-months-old!

7. I have a 2-month-old [son]. My mom is usually my babysitter while [my husband] and I are at work. Today when I went to get the baby, I walked in the kitchen to find my mom feeding my baby ICE CREAM! She dropped the spoon when I said hello. I can't believe she did it! Grandma just lost her babysitting gig.

8. My mother-in-law drove my 3-month-old all the way out to the town where I work (more than half an hour away from home) without telling me. I found out later ... after I'd spent the entire day pumping in an office every three hours. Couldn't she have brought her by for a feeding?

9. My mother-in-law took my daughter shopping with her, and I found out later that during the entire day, the only thing my baby got to eat was a granola bar! An entire DAY! She was on solids by this point.

10. I went to my work's holiday party, and when I got home, my 19-month-old daughter was running around in circles at 10:00 at night. It was my dad's first time attempting to put her to bed, and, well, didn't happen. (I was secretly happy because I got to see her.)

What are the craziest things YOU'VE caught your baby's grandparents doing?


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