Gisele Bundchen's Breastfeeding Photo as Done By 10 'Regular' Parents (PHOTOS)

Gisele BundchenMoms multitask. It is what we do best. This week, a viral photo of model Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding her 1-year-old while simultaneously getting ready for a photo shoot caused a major hoopla in the blogosphere. Her photo went viral with reactions raising from praise -- "you go, mom!" -- to hate. Think: What does a woman with four people paid to make her beautiful know about multitasking?

Here's what: A lot. Any mom who has also tried to work, whether that is as a doctor outside the home, a homemaker, or as a super model, knows that the trick to finding time to "do it all" is to learn how to do it all at once. And so we do.

We asked moms far and wide to submit THEIR photos of what "multitasking" means to them and the results vary widely. It should be noted that while we did get a number of submissions, we also had a number of moms who said (more or less) I am too busy multitasking to have anyone take a photo! True dat. Or, as my friend said:


I've been slammed all day with work meetings, play date and sitter shuffles, re-making beds after a nighttime accident last night, and now gridlocked traffic on the pike trying to get to the city for a work dinner. I've had no time to read this call out and take a selfie. Can Gisele loan me a member of her staff?

Indeed. See our photos below and how the compare to the Gisele photo posted above. Here they are:

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