5 Gifts Sure to Inspire a 'MOMMMMM!' From Your Teen (& Not in a Good Way)

giftieYou have items for every person on your holiday shopping list. There's the bulk order of fruit cake for your dad. You got your mom that soft cashmere throw she'd been eyeing (and on sale no less). The little kiddos gave you their lists back in August, and their foresight won't go unrewarded. But what about the teen in your life?

Teenagers are far more likely to tell you what they absolutely DON'T want than they are to make a list of one or two items that would make them smile. After all, smiles are the enemy. Why not use this season to make a little mischief?


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Rather than bust your hump trying to find a gift that turns them back into the angel they once were (roughly eight million years ago), why don't you settle for another form of extreme reaction? After all, they spend most of the year driving you quietly mad -- it's time to return the favor. Here are 5 gifts sure to mortify the teen in your life. Go for it -- after all, coal is dirty and also overrated.

1. "Team Mommy" T-Shirt

Because nothing says "just kill me know" like a novelty shirt proclaiming their love for you.

2. A Nightlight

They can pretend to be a bad-ass metal punk all they want during the day. But we know the truth. Somebody still gets the willies in the dark. Perhaps this penguin-shaped nightlight will help, sweetie.

3. Tickets to a Raffi/Demi Lovato/Justin Bieber Concert

Nothing makes them squirm more than those moments (god forbid) that you try to seem 'in touch.' Let them know you're wise to their game with concert tickets to a show so bad they'd be willing to stay home and watch movies with you.

4. Something ANYTHING Practical

One year as a teen my mother gave me a box full of socks and odor eaters. Message received mom, message received. Put the stinky jerk in your life in their place.

5. A Hug

Still not sure or conflicted over spending more on a novelty gift? Then this is the option for you. Smothering your angst-ridden brat with a giant hug is the gift that keeps on giving ... once they stop trying to flee, that is.

Who's the hardest person to shop for in your family?

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