Christmas Is So Much Better With Toddlers Than Teens

Nothing’s more magical than kids at Christmas, right? Well, that may depend on what stage of parenting you find yourself in on any given year. There’s a huge difference between having toddlers during the holiday season and having teenagers.

Little kids are mesmerized by everything about Christmas -- the lights, the tree, the sparkles, the elves, The Santa … teens just wonder if they’re getting gift cards or cash this year. They roll their eyes a lot too.

Here are 10 ways Christmas has changed from then, when they were toddlers, to now that they are teens.

  1. Then: They couldn’t wait to graduate from the kids’ table. Now: They can’t wait to be excused from the grown-up table.
  2. Then: They were up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa had brought. Now: You have to drag them out of bed to go see the grandparents.
  3. Then: They wanted to cover the tree in glittery handmade ornaments sometimes involving dry macaroni. Now: They sit on the couch texting their friends.
  4. Then: They want hot cocoa with marshmallows. Now: They want to sneak some spiked eggnog.
  5. Then: They can’t wait to decorate and devour Christmas cookies. Now: Paleo. They look at you with disgust when you suggest eating carbs. They sneak cookies when you aren’t looking.
  6. Then: They were good all month so they could be sure Santa would come. Now: They don't give a hoot and know you're gonna give them loot no matter what.
  7. Then: Jingle bells, Batman smells! Now: Jingle bells, Batman smells! (Some things never change.)
  8. Then: They got all excited for their Christmas outfits, then spent the entire time wearing them complaining about tight collars and the dreaded itchiness. Now: You’re grateful they changed out of their black hoodies.
  9. Then: They wanted a puppy for Christmas. Now: They want their crush to respond to their “Merry Xmas!!!” text.
  10. Then: They love Christmas, and let everyone know it. Now: They still love Christmas, but would rather sink into a hole in the ground than admit they still maybe kinda sorta are vaguely unsure about the existence of Santa.

What are some other ways Christmas is different for younger and older kids?


Image via jenni_froedrick/Flickr

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