7 Really Bad Reasons to Have a Baby

baby overallsHere's a seemingly simple, straightforward question that's actually more loaded than your least favorite uncle at Thanksgiving Dinner: Why did you decide to have a baby? Pretty tough to answer, right? People decide to have babies for all sorts of reasons, I suppose, but none of them sound as legitimate as you want them to sound when you say them out loud (considering the issue at hand is bringing another human life into the world). Here, I'll try to answer the question to show you what I mean: Why did I have a baby (well, two babies, but let's pretend this is about the first one)? Because I wanted to. That's the truth, but it also sounds way too whimsical and impractical -- let's try again. Why did I have a baby? Because it felt like the right thing to do at the time. Oooh, that doesn't sound right either. Kind of obligatory and borderline regretful, neither of which is accurate. This is hard! 


Anyway, the point is: Like I said, people have babies for all sorts of reasons, most of them difficult to articulate. But that doesn't mean some of those reasons aren't really, really, bad ones. Now, that's not to say that once the kid comes along you won't fall in love with him or her and turn out to be a great mom -- I'M NOT SAYING THAT, OKAY?! It's just that, if any of these are your main reasons for deciding to have a baby, you might want to save yourself some serious internal struggles and think again:

7 Really Bad Reasons to Have a Baby

1. You're lonely. Let me cut to the chase here: Yes, you will adore your baby and you will never be "alone" -- but motherhood can be one of the loneliest, most isolating experiences of your life.

2. Your "clock" is ticking. Okay, this is sort of valid -- but only if you've wanting a baby for a long time anyway.

3. All your friends have one. Yeah, and if you really want to know what having a baby is like, ask them to drop the kid off at your house for a week! (Chances are they'll say YES.)

4. Your mom/dad/sister/mother-in-law won't stop pestering you about a grandchild/niece/nephew. Perhaps those nagging family members should invest in a potted plant? Trust me, no matter how much that relative loves your new child, they won't be anywhere near as helpful as you might expect. 

5. You think a baby will save your marriage. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

6. You want to quit your job/career. Hope you hit the lotto, too, cause babies sure do cost a lot of money!

7. You think it'll be "fun." Sure, sometimes it IS fun. A lot of the time? It ain't.

Like I said, none of these bad reasons for having a baby actually makes having a baby a bad thing. But there are definitely BETTER reasons.

What's the worst reason you can think of for having a baby?

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