Toddler Makes Babysitter Take Photos 'His Way' With Sweet Results (PHOTOS)

Toddler Makes Babysitter Take Photos 'His Way' With Sweet Results (PHOTOS)

alex nearyAlex Neary is a wedding photographer, who also is the nanny to an incredibly cute 2-year-old boy named Henry. So it was only natural for Neary to take pictures of Henry when the two were together. But one day, Henry decided to turn the tables on Alex, instructing her to get in the exact position he was just in for a photo, so he could snap a shot of her. And thus, a sweet and touching photo series was born.

The Stir got a chance to chat with Alex regarding her and Henry's adorable project, and here's what she had to say about the "collaboration":

What gave you the idea to turn this into a series? Was it you or Henry who wanted to continue with the photos? 

This whole thing started a couple months ago when he lay down over a toy dump truck at the park and told me to take a photo of him like that. I did and then he said that I should lie down like that and he would take a photo of me. After the first one, he started suggesting we do a pose here and we do a pose there, and every day on our walks to the park, he'd tell me to stop so we could do a pose. On the days when he didn't tell me he wanted to do a pose, I'd just say to him, "Let me know if you want to do a pose anywhere," just to put the bug in his ear, and then he'd tell me when/where he wanted to do one. We both kept it going, but now he's starting to lose interest in it a bit (he's 2!), so it's more me keeping it going. Although he still chooses the location and the pose every time.

What's your favorite one?

I'm not sure if I have a favorite one. But if I had to choose, it would be the one in front of the garage door with graffiti and the three pillars in front. I liked that location a lot and I liked his use of the pillar. Not to mention the challenge of holding my body up off the ground. Difficult to say the least.

Do you do this every day?

We did it every day initially but now it's more every other day or just once a week. I want it to remain fun for him, so if he says no, we don't do it.

Do you think Henry will be a photographer?

I'm not sure if he will be a photographer, but I think he might be something creative. He has quite the creative side and he's very, very funny. Has a really good sense of humor for such a little person.

What are you going to do with all the photos? Will you give them to him some day?

Henry and his family will have all of the photos in an album. And I am printing out all of the blog posts that this has been on and putting them into a binder for a keepsake for him and his family. Imagine the show and tell he will have when he's in school!

Check out Alex and Henry's photo series:

All images via Wild Eyed Photography


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