15 Crazy Things Parents Have Found in Their Kids' Noses (PHOTOS)

diamondsLife with a toddler is never dull. If they're not throwing a tantrum, they're throwing Cheerios on the floor. And if they're not throwing Cheerios on the floor, they're likely sticking them up their noses. Among other things.

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I asked some parents what the craziest thing they ever found in their toddler's nose was, and I got some doozies for answers. Seriously, did you ever think you'd pull a diamond out of your little one's schnoz?!

Here are 15 crazy things parents have found in their toddlers' noses.

Image via Kim Alaniz/Flickr

  • A Zipper


    Clare Bell/Flickr

    "I had to pull a zipper out of my daughter's nose before! Scary stuff! And most recently, I pulled a wadded up piece of paper out of it!"

  • An Earring Back


    toadstool ring/Flickr


    "One night my daughter called from her bedroom as she was going to sleep, 'Daddy, a booger is stuck in my nose!' We thought she was just trying to get out of bed. So we looked and sure enough there's something that looks like a bead. So we have to go through this whole process of tricking her into letting us get it out with tweezers. Turns out it was the back of her earring that fell out! The front was stuck in her hair. That was an experience!"

  • Cereal


    Evil Erin/Flickr


    "Found Kix cereal up her nose recently."

  • Cheese ... Among Other Things



    "They found cheese and cushion foam in my brother's nose ... at the same time."

  • A Bean




    "When I was a child, I stuck a bean up my nose and it sprouted! My mom said I was having trouble breathing so they took me to the hospital. Crazy!"

  • Crayons



    "Crayons, crayons, crayons."

  • Golden Raisin


    "My son was 3 when he decided to stick a golden raisin up his nose. I saw him dig in the chair and thought he stuck something up his nose but wasn't sure. But the blood curdling scream clued me in. Urgent care: Three nurses, the doctor, and I held him down to extract it. Initially it was missed because golden raisins are similar in color to mucus, but they listened when I said I was pretty sure something was up there based on the actions and scream."

  • A Broom Straw




    "When my boys were really little, I caught the older one sticking a piece of broom straw up the younger one's nose. I immediately pulled it out, thinking all was well. Then, a week later, the younger child got what I thought was a cold with a stuffy nose. One day he sneezed hard twice and a whole bunch of mucus and another bit of broom straw came out! It was about 2-3 inches long. I was absolutely horrified!"

  • A Cigarette Butt




    "My youngest put a cigarette butt up his nose at the park. I nearly puked."

  • A (Fake) Diamond


    kim alaniz/Flickr

    "We were at dinner with my parents and my oldest was about 1. We were sitting there eating and enjoying dinner when she sneezed and a fake diamond came out! My niece was playing with her earlier and I guess she put it up there. It didn't seem to bother her at all, and I probably wouldn't have known it was there if she hadn't sneezed!"

  • Legos


    Rob Young/Flickr


    "Legos. Multiple times."

  • Shoelaces




    "When my daughter was 2, she got a dangerously high fever, so I took her to the hospital. After a while, she sneezed and I noticed a blue booger hanging from her nose. I went to pull it out and it kept coming out and coming out. Turns out in daycare the day before this happened, they were doing a project with colored shoelaces. Well, my daughter decided to take one of the blue shoelaces and shove the whole thing up her nose!!!"

  • A Fish Tank Rock


    Jelene Morris/Flickr


    "A fish tank rock. Yep."

  • A Craft Bead


    Steve Hankins/Flickr


    "The other day I found a craft bead up my daughter's nose!"

  • A Popcorn Kernel


    Ingrid Taylar/Flickr

    "We had to take my daughter to the hospital once to have a popcorn kernel removed. It took them over an hour to get it!"



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