20 Random Thoughts That Go Through a Toddler's Brain in 1 Minute

toddlerHave you ever glanced over at your toddler and found he has this really strange look on his face -- and stopped and wondered what in the heck he's thinking?!?

Even though they don't always come right out and say what's on their mind, you know their little brains are working overtime in their heads pondering all sorts of interesting things. And let's be honest -- half the time they're probably trying to come up with some sort of scheme to get what they want out of us (while being so irresistibly cute we can't possibly refuse).


Yeah ... if I had to take a wild guess -- here's how I imagine a typical minute goes inside the brain of a pint-sized kiddo.

  1. What's at? Oh! Oh! Airpane. Airpane!
  2. Cookies. Now. Want two cookies now. No three.
  3. Mommy ALWAYS on the phone. Hey -- that's MY phone.
  4. Elmo! Time for Elmo. I know it's time for Elmo.
  5. Wait ... where are the cookies? I know Mommy has cookies.
  6. Gotta poop. Oh boy ... it's comin' ... Ooo! All done.
  7. I wanna snack. Sandwich. Where my milk?
  8. I just peed. Don't want pull-up changed right now. Cookies first.
  9. Mommy isn't looking. I'm taking her phone cuz I want it and it's mine.
  10. Angy Birds! Angy Birds!
  11. Uh-oh. Mommy's coming. I know! I hide phone in couch.
  12. Whaaaa? I not hiding anything. (Smiles sweetly.)
  13. Ick. I smell poop. My poop. Maybe Mommy farted.
  14. Where my blankie? Ohhhh blannnkiieeeeee.
  15. I not tired right now. No nap. Must. Pick. Boogers.
  16. I pull cat's tail. Funny!
  17. Gotta pee again. Oops. Down my leg. Down my leg!
  18. Dora on yet?
  19. Here come Mommy. I luv her.
  20. Hi Mommmeeee! No cookies?!? (Cue the tears.)

What do you imagine goes through your toddler's head?


Image via Breibeest/Flickr

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