When Teenage Boys Do Chores, Expect Some Gross Results

Penis LeavesOh, teenage boys. How do we love them, let us count the ways. (*Pause here for epic moment of silence*) God love teenage boys, because they certainly need the support. When my two brothers were teenagers, there was no limit to the grossness they would create together. Even now as adults, when they get together for any prolonged amount of time, they immediately devolve into their teenage selves, which equates to one heaping pile of gross.

Luckily, gross has its benefits -- like being insanely hilarious to boot. One mom found this out first-hand when she asked her gang of teenage boys to go outside and rake up the backyard. It was covered in leaves. They did the chore as asked and with no complaining. Which made her suspicious, and rightly so. They arranged the leaves to spell out "PENIS." Though, give credit where it's due -- they did a thorough job of it.


Only two boys working in tandem could make an innocuous task like yard-work dirty. Then again, there really aren't ANY tasks teenage boys can't manage to make worthy of a few snickers. I've taken the liberty of compiling a few them here for your edification.

1.) Shoveling Snow

Oh sure, they'll do it and maybe even do it well -- but damned if they won't also spell out their names in urine to the best of their ability.

2.) Scooping Dog Poop

Poop is inherently disgusting. Leave it to teenagers to up the ante of nastiness. Take for example "someone" I know who stored some poop from the backyard he was supposed to throw out and instead put it in a jar and left it in the basement to "see what would happen." Oy.

3.) Washing the Car

Soap suds were made to draw in with fingers. Smears on your car hood don't sound like the worst thing imaginable -- until you realize that the drawings in question are totally genitalia.

4.) Folding Laundry

Best to take your panties out of the mix; otherwise, they will absolutely be worn on lower halves or, god help us, on heads.

5.) Cleaning Windows

Problematic for the same reasons as car cleaning and more -- nothing says "press your nipple and/or butt against me" quite like clean glass. Sigh.

What's the grossest prank your teenage boy has ever played?


Image via Reddit

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