Babies Take 'Selfies' Too: 7 That Will Make You Smile (PHOTOS)

Kiri Blakeley | Dec 11, 2013 Being a Mom

When it comes to selfies, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are probably the queens -- followed closely by pre-hospitalized Amanda Bynes. Even President Obama is getting in on the act -- though unfortunately he chose to do it at Nelson Mandela's funeral. Not cool, prez. But selfies have been criticized for being self-indulgent, narcissistic, and let's face it, freaking boring. Not, however, these selfies! These selfies were done by children who happened to be left alone with a cell phone. These kids are too young to be narcissists -- though it does make one wonder if selfies are a biological impulse, given how quickly these tykes took to it. Here are 7 cute selfies from camera-ready kids.

  • Elliot, 1


    Not bad. Elliot knows to smile in his selfie and photograph at an angle, which any professional photographer will tell you makes a photo much more interesting to the eye.

  • Bentley, 4 Months


    Lisa Burgess @joonkie/Twitter

    Whoa. At only 4 months old, Bentley has perfect selfie form. He must have some Kim Kardashian DNA in him somewhere. He's even got a little duck pout thing going on. Hmm. I suspect Bentley had some help with his selfie, but we'll let that slide.

  • Genesis, 1




    Genesis really knows how to give the flirt-eye in her selfie, and I notice she used her best side. Perfecto.

  • Xander, 18 Months


    Kelli Matthews/@kmatthews/Twitter

    Xander just could not stop taking selfies. His mom has him in therapy. Joke! His mom loves his selfie-taking abilities and reports that he has swiftly moved into the advanced selfie class.

  • Violet, 2 1/2


    Victoria Nye/Facebook

    Violet hasn't quite learned how to move her finger out of the frame of her selfie, but the family reports they have hired her a selfie tutor.

  • Jocilyn, 18 Months



    Jocilyn is obviously the queen of baby selfies. She managed to take several selfies in a short time span and each one of them is unique.

  • Haylee, 17 Months



    This is not bad for a 17-month-old. I'm told the "blurred" effect was actually an artistic choice.

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