The Dark Side of Santa: 4 Traditions to Scare the Naughty Right Out of Your Kids


Wondering how to keep your kids on the straight and narrow this holiday season? It's a challenge: Nowadays, the threat of a stocking filled with coal is no kind of incentive for good behavior. And that tattletale elf hanging around the house keeping tabs? I guess he's creepy enough to curb naughtiness to a point, but let's face it: There's nothing like putting the fear of Krampus in a kid to guarantee his spot on Santa's "nice" list ... forever. 

Don't know Krampus? He's just one of several terrifying Santa alternatives moms and dads used to rely on back in the day to stop children from getting out of line around Christmastime. No joke: A visit from one of these guys makes a lump of coal sound like a fricken' iPad. Read on to find out more about these frightening figures -- not that you'll actually use your newfound knowledge to terrify your children or anything. Still, just in case ...


Image via Rowena/Flickr

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