Baby's Unparalleled Love for Big Sister Caught in Magical Video

baby and big sisterIt seems like everyone and their mother have enough digital know-how to take a bunch of images from a baby's first year and make a video these days. Most of them are pretty cute because, duh, baby's first year. But sometimes there's a little something special that sets a baby's first year apart. For mom Ilana Wiles, that's her baby's big sister.

Wiles, who blogs at the wildly popular Mommy Shorts, has a beauty in baby Harlow. But her older daughter, Mazzy, steals the show in Harlow's first year video by basically being the big sister every mom dreams of giving to her little girl.

Sibling rivalry, schmibling rivalry! Do me a favor ... grab some tissues before you settle in to watch, because this kind of sisterly love will get even the grinches going:


Go on and try to tell me your heart didn't grow a few sizes while watching that.

It's always tough bringing a new baby into the house because you don't know how older kids are going to react. Will they be hurt by the attention you are giving to the baby? Will they hurt the baby (not on purpose, but just because they don't know any better)? But when your older child falls in love with your baby, and your baby looks up to their big sibling, it's pure magic.

The thing that's really amazing about Ilana Wiles' video is that it's so apparent that the love works both ways. Big girl Mazzy is enamored with her little sister, but Harlow adores her big sister too.

This may be one mom's beautiful tribute to her baby girl's first year, but it's one every mom who is wondering if her kids will bond needs to watch. The love between siblings is something special.

How did your older child (or children) react to the baby? How does the baby react to their older siblings?


Image via Ilana Rosengarten Wiles/YouTube

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