15 Unintentionally Hilarious Letters From Kids to Santa

letter to santa

Ah, kids. They are sources of unintentional humor, aren't they? And know what kids are doing these days? That's right, they're all sitting down to write their letters to Santa -- those long, carefully printed missives containing unfortunate misspellings, outlandish demands, and of course, embarrassment for their parents! Kids do say the darndest things, eh? Especially to the jolly old fat guy who may bring them their every heart's desire for Christmas.


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Aw, writing the Christmas letter to Santa. Has there ever been a more cherished tradition than sitting down and asking Mr. Claus for a new bike or skateboard to open on Christmas Day? Though we love the tradition, we have to admit that not every letter to Santa is one for the scrapbooks. Sometimes our kids unknowingly write the funniest WTF letters to Santa. Yup, we said it. These letters are really, really funny. 

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We found the letters to Santa that really are the best thing our readers will see all day. From kooky misspellings, to asking for some questionable gifts this holiday season, to kids who only want what's on the list, these letters will get folks rolling with laughter. So, for kids from 1 to 92, I'm offering some of the funniest Santa letters anyone will read this season!

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