'Homebirth Dads' Calendar Proves Guys Couldn't Hack Being Pregnant

homebirth dads calendar

Ha! Have you seen the Homebirth Dads calendar yet? OMG. It's, like, the funniest thing EVER. Basically a group of dads decided to pay tribute to the experiences their wives had during labor and delivery -- so they participated in a photo shoot to re-create pregnancy and birth moments as if they were the ones experiencing them.

The whole concept behind the calendar from InnerBirth Midwifery is not only funny -- it's pretty darn sweet too. Part of the proceeds will go to the Greater Racine Collaborative for Healthy Birth Outcomes, which strives to reduce the infant mortality rate in the area of Wisconsin where the group is located.


But while the preview of the dads on the calendar shows them in some positions you'd expect with pregnancy and delivery -- I'm thinking there are a few scenarios that would've made this calendar even more fitting and memorable. But I highly doubt these guys would've been eager and willing to try some of pregnancy's more unpleasant symptoms on for size.

You know where I'm going with this, right? Yeah ... they should've depicted REAL pregnancy scenarios -- like these, for example.

Buying Tuck's medicated pads -- OMG. I can picture it now. A heavily pregnant dude standing in a drug store aisle with a look of shame and embarrassment on his face for having to pick up something to treat hemorrhoids. Classic.

Accidentally peeing in the middle of a crowded store -- It happens. Especially after a big sneeze. Nothing quite says, "I understand your pain" like a man with pee running down his leg.

Barfing into a plastic bag -- Sure, it's kind of a gruesome image -- but how many pregnant women sit in their cars and heave before walking into the office? These guys need to get an idea of what morning sickness is really like.

Standing on the scale in tears -- How funny would it be to see a grown man cry like a baby all because the doctor had to put the big weight on the next notch?!?

Having leaky boobs ruin their shirt -- 'Nuff said.

Getting a trans-vaginal ultrasound -- Yet another pleasure in life no man ever gets the chance to experience. (Gah.)

Being presented with a nice pair of mesh panties upon delivery of the baby -- Nothing quite says, "Great job pushing out a human" like underpants that resemble a fish net. I can see these dads holding them up with a very confused look on their faces ...

What do you think would give these dads a good dose of what it feels like to be pregnant?


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