44 Is Not Too Old to Have a Baby

pregnant ladyFor some of us, the question isn't when is the perfect age to have a baby. Rather it's am I too old to have one? It's a scary reality hitting a lot of women these days. They may have dedicated most of their lives to careers and only recently realize they want a family or, like me, had one child and waited years before thinking about baby #2. Does that mean pregnancy is not in the cards for you? The answer is NO! If you have your doubts, read on.


Kim Fields' success story is just the inspiration you need. At 44 years old, she gave birth to her second son, Quincy Xavier Morgan, on December 3. "It was planned. We’ve actually been trying for a couple years,” she told People. “We had gotten pregnant twice and [miscarried]. If I’m encouraging to anybody ... it’s not like I’m the poster child for over 40 and pregnant.”

You most certainly are, Kim! The stats can be incredibly depressing. Your chances of conceiving with your own eggs plummet drastically and about one-third of all pregnancies in women ages 40 to 44 end in miscarriage. But contrary to what you may think, you also have science on your side. Getting pregnant in your 40s isn't impossible. Not that it's easy, it's just not impossible. If you can't do it the old-fashioned way, there is plenty of help. Fertility drugs and treatments are amazing and effective.

Plus, there is something to be said for being a more mature mother. You've experienced life, seen the world, are more sure of what you want. And in many cases, older mothers are more financially secure. All of this is to say, women in their 40s should not give up on having a child. As my grandmother says, "If a man can walk on the moon, you damn well better believe you can conquer just about anything here on earth."

Did you have children in your 40s? Was it hard to conceive?


Image via John Hope/Flickr

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