Why I'm Getting My Son Everything on His Christmas List

little boy with santa

As the mom of a second grader who will be turning 8 years old in a matter of months -- I'm no dummy when it comes to Christmas. Given his age, I know my days are numbered as far as how much longer he'll believe in Santa -- and something in my gut keeps telling me this just might be his last year. (Excuse me while I pause and cry a little bit.)

And since this might be the last time we experience all of the magic that goes along with a child waiting for Santa's arrival -- my husband and I are pulling out all the stops this year when it comes to gifts from the man in the red suit. 


Our son hasn't really made a list yet, but when he does? We're going to do everything in our power to make sure our little guy receives close to if not everything on it. (Unless he asks for something WAY out of reason, of course.)

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Even if it means we have to run up the credit cards a little bit more or shell out a few extra bucks more than what we expect -- I just can't see ruining what might be the last year of Santa's magic in my house for the sake of saving some extra dough.

Not that he won't believe in Santa if he doesn't receive what he asks for -- but seeing the look on his face when he finds exactly what his little heart most desires on Christmas morning is worth every extra cent.

And before I go any further, I should probably go ahead and point out that we are dialing back the gifts our son will receive from us this year, which should even things out a little bit. (We're getting a family dog right after Christmas -- which is a HUGE gift for all three of us.)

Back to Santa and why I just can't bring myself to see him disappoint my little dude on December 25. Maybe it's just a case of me being really, really selfish -- but I want to cling to every last minute of the innocence that comes with thinking Santa actually squeezes his fat ass down the chimney each year. And laying awake at night listening for the reindeer's hooves on the roof. And running downstairs at the crack of dawn because he just can't stand to wait one more minute to see what Santa brought him.

If there is anything other than a look of wonder, excitement, and absolute elation on his face -- I'll just die. I mean, he won't notice if two or three things are missing. But if the bigger gifts he has his heart set on aren't there? OMG. What if my husband and I wind up killing his belief in the big man right then and there? That would suck.

At least by going all out one last time, there's the remote possibility that we can squeeze one more year out of him believing in Santa when Christmas 2014 rolls around.

And then I'll have to write a similar post all over again. Uh-oh ...

When did your kids stop believing in Santa Claus?


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