Toddler Performs Taylor Swift Song Better Than Taylor Herself (VIDEO)

toddler taylor swiftWho here is sick of Taylor Swift's song "I Knew You Were Trouble"? Yeah, me too. But I know you can bring yourself to hear it once more, because this time, a ridiculously adorable 2-year-old is singing along. And the little dude's got crazy moves. Wait 'til you see how he hits the "Ohhhh ... ohhh!" He's really giving Ms. Swift a run for her money. And he doesn't even have a sparkly dress on to up the ante.

Check out the little performer in the making:



This kid has honest-to-goodness rhythm here, doesn't he? That little head bop he does during the chorus? Too cute! And pretty good, too!

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Keep it up, little man. Some people are just born with rhythm and the ability to dance, and you, my friend? You are definitely one of them. And for your next performance, I'd like to suggest a rendition "Wrecking Ball." But ... don't get up on a wrecking ball. That's dangerous at your age. 

(Also, sorry guys, for getting this song stuck in your head. "Ohhh! ... Ohhh!")

How adorable is this? What songs does your kid love to sing?


Image via Casey Malik/YouTube

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