Baby Waits 'All Her Life' to Meet Sailor Daddy: See the Sweet Moment (PHOTO)

USS Barry NavyWhen it comes to military deployments, it's hard for everyone involved when a person you love is away from home. Possibly the most difficult event of all, though, is when a pregnant military spouse gives birth to a new baby with their husband nowhere near the delivery room. That's exactly what happened for U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Marcus Harris and his wife, who gave birth to their daughter while Harris was on a nine-month deployment on the USS Barry.

It's not all that surprising that the reunion photo is makin' the rounds on the web today. You can see the love in Harris' face, and I can't help but love that it looks like his sweet baby girl is hugging him just as tight. The kicker though? That sign. That sign makes this beautiful embrace just ... perfect.

See the beautiful photo, here:


Marcus Harris navy sailor reunited

"I've waited all my life to meet my daddy."

Yes. Yes you have, dear. And now Daddy's home back where he belongs to watch you grow more and more every day.

Is there anything more precious?


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