6 Things Not to Do When My Toddler Is Having a Tantrum in Public

temper tantrumI like to think that most people in the world have good intentions. Very rare is the person who's trying to hurt a person's feelings, or intending to get under their skin. But sometimes, it just happens that way. Like when my toddler is having a temper tantrum in public. I know you're trying to help (at least I think you are), but ... it's kinda not coming off that way.

Here are 6 things not to do when my toddler is having a public meltdown. Because it's just not very helpful.


1. Don't say something along the lines of "Somebody's in a bad mood today." It just doesn't sound very nice. And if you must know, my child was in a fine mood five minutes ago. Toddlers are fickle. Yeah, I know my kid is going crazy and it's not a very pleasant experience for anyone (least of all me), but no need to make such a sweeping and obvious statement. It isn't helping.

2. Don't say something like, "What did mean ol' mommy do to you?" I know, I know you're joking. But mean ol' mommy is the one who has to deal with this day in, day out. I'm not asking for a ticker tape parade here, but it'd be nice to not be insulted.

3. Don't make a rude face and walk by. By all means, walk on by. But the rude "wow, you can't control your kid" face isn't very kind.

4. Don't tell my toddler to "use her words." Yes, I say this to my daughter on occasion at home, but, well, I'm the mama. I appreciate you trying to help, but if that was the magic phrase to get my kid to calm down, I probably would have already said it.

5. Don't tell me how when your kid had tantrums, you used to just shut them down. That's great. Glad it worked out for you. But my kid isn't your kid, and do I detect a kiss of sanctimony in that statement?

6. Don't give my child a lollipop or a piece of candy to quiet her down. I know the lollipop thing will work, but ... maybe there's a reason I'm not giving her one?

What things do you not want people saying to you when your kid is freaking out in public?


Image via Jen SFO-BCN/Flickr

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