What Your Diaper Bag Says About You

diaper bagWhen I was pregnant, I had a vision about what my diaper bag would be like. Yes, a vision. I was going to have a nice, stylish bag and in every compartment was going to be anything I could possibly need for my child at a moment's notice. I'd never be the mom who forgot wipes, snacks, toys, anything. After all, I'd always been a very neat and organized person. Why would this situation be any different?

But then I had a kid, and well, as you can imagine, things changed. I don't have the stylish diaper bag that's always neat and tidy. Actually, I have the stylish diaper bag, but it's been sitting in my daughter's closet for about 10 months now. Some moms can do it, but not me.

Here are 5 types of diaper bags and what they say about you.


1. The Uber-Organized Diaper Bag. This is akin to the diaper bag I mentioned above. It's fashionable; it's more organized than the Dewey Decimal system; and there's all but an AED kit in there. You're likely Type A if you have the Uber-Organized Diaper Bag. Your house is somehow always neat, and your kids have never eaten anything that's come out of a crinkly bag. Other moms go to you for advice, but they'll never fully let their guards down around you, because they're afraid you'll judge. And you probably will.

2. The My Purse & Diaper Bag Have Become One Bag. You started out strong. For the first few months of baby's life, your diaper bag was super organized and clean. But then as time went on, you realized, "Who cares?" You're more concerned with being a good mom than an organized one. You fluster easily, though.

diaper bag

3. The There-May-or-May-Not-Be-a-Diaper-in-Here Diaper Bag. You're about as laid-back as they come. Likely a free-range parent. Your house is on the messier side, and it takes a lot to stress you out. Your kids are prone to diaper rash.

4. The Overapacked/Overstuffed Diaper Bag. You're not organized in the slightest, but you literally have everything and the kitchen sink in your diaper bag. Toys, food, bottles, maybe an old dirty diaper. You rarely use half the things in your bag, and you tend to be a worrier.

5. The Minimalist Cool Diaper Bag. Your diaper bag may or may not be a regular tote. It's hard to tell. It's neat, and you don't have much in there -- but you've got everything you need. And everything is super stylish. You're the kind of mom who's always up on the latest baby gadgets and mom gear. People are both intimidated and intrigued by you all at once.

Which kind of diaper bag do you have?


Image via Ron Nickel/Design Pics/Corbis

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