The 10 Stages Parents Go Through When Leaving the House With Kids (PHOTOS)

car seatRemember how before you had kids, when you wanted to leave the house, you just ... left. You grabbed your bag, your sunglasses, maybe a bottle of water, and hit the road. It was so easy. So simple. You actually never even gave leaving the house a second thought because it was all you knew. It was your life.

But then you have kids and realize that leaving the house was something you spent your whole life taking for granted. Because things have changed. 

Now, leaving the house is far from simple. There are bags to pack; small humans to wrangle; tantrums to stop. It turns what should be a 10-minute trip to Target into an all-day affair. And it ain't always fun.

Moms, Dads, you know you know what I'm talking about. Here are the 10 steps we all go through when leaving the house with our kids.


First thing you do is stretch. You wanna be limber for the death-defying feat you're about to attempt.


Then you pack the bag. Snacks, water, diapers. You feel organized. You feel good.


Then you start trying to wrangle the kids, who are mid-play, and the wind is sucked out of your sails a bit.

adam scott

You try again, and your kids are like:

rachel berry

You finally get them and are just about to leave when realize you forgot your phone:

james franco

You go back inside and your kids scatter like wildfire.


You start wondering if it's even worth it. Your family could go a few days without toilet paper, right?

jennifer aniston

But then you're like, "No! I can do this!"


You grab your phone, grab the kids, and head to the car. You feel awesome!

amy poehler

And then you realize you just locked yourself out.

will ferrell

How do you make your trips out with the kids easier?


Image via Jim Hughes/Corbis

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