Fundraising to Adopt a Child Is Well-Meaning But Bizarre (VIDEO)

A couple are attempting to raise $35,000 to bring a boy with Down Syndrome from an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Christie and Raymundo Orta have started an online funding campaign to raise the money necessary to bring Evan from the orphanage to live with them in Pooler, Georgia. Two-year-old Evan was apparently abandoned and has been living primarily in his crib at the orphanage ever since. The family claims he has not been getting the medical attention he needs and that if he stays in Eastern Europe (the country is not identified), he could die around age 5 or 6. This is the average life expectancy for a child with Down Syndrome in that area, while in the U.S., he could live much longer.


I have to say, pictures of Evan are absolutely adorable. And the Ortas' story has been online for 24 days and recently hit the media -- so I do wonder why their GoFundMe site has raised only $700 so far. Are people hunkering down with their cash as the holidays approach?

Or is it a question of virtually everyone having a funding site now for pretty much everything, including having children, and people are wary?

While Evan's case is certainly a special one, and it would be wonderful to have him out of that orphanage, it does make you wonder if in the broader sense, it's up to other people to fund your children. If there aren't fundraisers for hospital bills, IVF, and doulas already, then surely there will be soon. How much is the public supposed to pick up for your children? What if they need new coats?

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Also, this made me wonder if the Ortas would be able to afford Evan's lifelong care. Few people have $35,000 lying around, but children, especially ones with special needs, can still be expensive. Can they afford him? The Ortas write on their page:

We know that God has moved our hearts to pursue this adoption. We also have faith that God will help us to raise the amount of money needed to rescue Evan and ultimately save his life. We have many fundraisers in the works ... but we also need your help!

I do hope that people -- because God is not shelling out the cash -- give the family enough to bring home Evan. But like anything you see online, make sure you do your research and ascertain that the money will go to the cause you expect.

Do you think funding sites should be used to adopt children?


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