Baby & Puppy Share Sweet & Simple Friendship ... & Naps! (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Nov 19, 2013 Being a Mom

baby sleeping with puppyThere have been countless studies over the years about the benefits of pets for little kids. The scientists will tell you they do everything from help reduce allergies to make kids more responsible. But let's just forget all of that for a second. If you've happened to catch the photos of a baby napping with his puppy that have been making the rounds of the web recently, you know they're also awfully cute together!

The photos were snapped by mom blogger Jessica Shyba whose family adopted little Theo from a shelter after her older kids begged Santa for a puppy last year. The puppy belongs to the whole family, but as the Momma's Gone City blogger explains, he's really bonded with baby Beau.

On her blog, Shyba calls the duo's naptime ritual the "most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed."

I've (only half) jokingly referred to my dog as my daughter's sibling because they share the same sort of friendship. The child asks for love, and the dog gives it, unconditionally. How many relationships will a child experience in life that work that way? I dare say none!

If only every baby could have this from the get-go. Check out some of our favorite photos of their naptime. Just look at the way they hold each other in number 4 and try not to saw "awww."

You can follow along on Instagram at hashtag #TheoAndBeau as Shyba tries to raise money for the Santa Cruz SPCA where the family adopted their son's best friend.

Do your kids sleep with their pets? What bonds them together?


Image via Instagram

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