9 Perfectly Valid Reasons Not to Have Children

Every now and then, the same sort of article makes the rounds online. It's written by a woman without children, and she's expressing her frustration with the people who ask her when she's planning to have kids or, worse, share their unwanted opinion that she'll surely change her mind eventually.

I totally sympathize with these folks and couldn't agree more that the decision not to have kids shouldn't be up for public scrutiny. It's not weird, it's not self-absorbed, it's not a choice that's inherently steeped in regret. My only criticism with these articles is that they invariably get defensive, as if the author has given up on trying to convince the world that valid reasons not to procreate even exist. For instance: "I need my sleep much more than I need children. Does that sound selfish? That's probably because it is!"

I don't think that's selfish at all. I think it's completely rational -- and so are the following "selfish" reasons.


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