5 People My Kids Respect More Than Me (Including Twilight Sparkle)

Why is it that kids are always so much more respectful to people other than their parents? Those people aren’t the ones with the power to send them to their rooms, make them eat broccoli, or decide if they get to go to that birthday party this weekend.

I'm going to say it's a sign of the trust they have in my unconditional love that they can tell me flat to my face that I'm wrong about something, or their way is the best way, or so-and-so said X, Y, Z, so it must be true even if Mommy says it's not.

Some days I do a total facepalm when my kids choose to disregard what I say in favor of others. Seriously, kiddos, Mommy just might have a bit more wisdom than the My Little Ponies.

Here are five people that my kids respect more than me.


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