People Without Kids Have No Idea What Parenting Is Really Like (VIDEO)

michael mcintyreBefore I had a kid, I was the best mom in the world. I knew it all; had all the answers; and couldn't believe some of the ridiculous things some parents resorted to in order to get their kids to do something as simple as eat. I mean, how hard can that be, right? I would never dream of doing some of the things I saw other parents doing when I had my baby.

Buuut then I had a baby of my own, who's now a running, screaming, mess-making toddler, and I get it, man. I really, really get it. It's so much easier to parent when there's not an actual child involved. And dear god, a hell of a lot more relaxing, too. Remember the ol' "simply walking out of the house when you need to go somewhere" days? Life was so easy then.

Comedian Michael McIntyre has a hilarious bit called "People With No Kids Don't Know." And he's right. They really don't. (Speaking from experience here! I was one of the worst offenders out there!)


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Check out the LOLness:

Kids don't sound very fun, childless folk, now do they? Don't worry. They are. Extremely. But if you're on the fence about having children, you probably should watch this video. Because, although McIntyre is obviously being hyperbolic here, the man really isn't all that far off. Your peaceful, uninterrupted-night's-sleep life as you know it is over once you have kids.

But in a good way.

How has your life changed since you've had kids? Can you relate to this video?


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