Toddler Can Now Ride a Tricycle, Thanks to Super Cool Prosthetic Arms (VIDEO)

jameson davisWhat toddler doesn't yearn to ride a shiny tricycle? It's kind of a rite of passage -- clumsily pedaling about, dinging the little bell that comes with it 174 times. Sadly, for Jameson Davis, this wasn't always possible. See, Jameson was born with without fully developed arms and hands. But thanks to modern science, and some really cool advanced prosthetics, he's on his way to doing every single thing all 18-month-old children do.


With his "bionic arms," Jameson can now do things most children take for granted. And one of the coolest parts? He uses his own muscles to control them. He simply has to contract his triceps, which then send a signal down to the hand to open and close. Mac Lang, Clinical Director at Advanced Arm Dynamics, said, "We wanted to make it as functional as possible to give him the best ability to use it and to want to use it." And from the looks of things, Jameson is certainly likes using his new arms. And his parents are enjoying them, as well! Jim Davis, Jameson's dad, said: "Imagine where prosthetics will be when he's in high school. Imagine the possibilities. Why not give him all the tools available, so when he grows up, that's what he knows."

As a parent, it's always a heartbreaking to see children who are born with challenges. When you have children of your own, you know just how much love parents have for their babies, and it's kind of a knee-jerk reaction to want to put your arms around Mom or Dad and say, "Need anything?" But the Davises seem to be doing perfectly fine. They're giving their son, who isn't even 2, a great start at navigating through life with prosthetic arms. And in other news: Man, their kid is adorable!

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