7 Gross Things That Are Perfectly Acceptable During Pregnancy

baby bumpSoooo, even though pregnancy is a major miracle, some of the side effects that pop up during those nine months are unwelcome and unexpected, to say the least.

And what really sucks is that sometimes expectant moms just can't control some of the more unpleasant symptoms, particularly if they have a serious case of morning sickness going on, among other things.

But that's the beauty of being pregnant -- it's like a hall pass to be really disgusting sometimes. (Hear me out.)


Since it's clear you have a baby on board (at least once you get into the second trimester), you can get away with a whole lot more in the nasty department than you can when you're not preggo.

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Seriously -- you should celebrate this stuff instead of getting all embarrassed about it. Here are seven gross things pregnant women don't have to worry about being shamed for.

  1. Farting -- Letting a big one rip by accident is usually completely mortifying. But if you're sporting a baby bump, no one will even give it a second thought. (Or sniff.) You can't help the fact that your baby doesn't like spicy food.
  2. Puking all over the place -- If you suddenly find yourself on your knees vomiting in the middle of the raw meat aisle at the grocery store, odds are good you'll have people rushing over to you out of concern instead of running away in disgust. You poor thing.
  3. Sweating like a pig -- Ugh. Sweat is SO gross. But you're carrying around an extra 20+ pounds, for crying out loud -- so no wonder you're hot! Go ahead and drip all over yourself. No one will say a word to you.
  4. Belching -- In line with the farting, it's bad for your system to hold those suckers in. As long as you refrain from reciting the alphabet in the process, burping is no big deal.
  5. Discussing bodily functions -- Normally it's frowned upon to talk about numbers one through four while sitting around the dinner table. But you're pregnant, and those things are part of your daily life, so you can blab all you want without getting dirty looks.
  6. Letting things grow wild ... down there -- The ungroomed look may be unsightly, but trying to maneuver around a baby bump to trim/shave or getting a bikini wax is definitely worse.
  7. Blowing your nose constantly -- Who knew pregnancy could cause you to produce more mucus? Ugh. So gross, but what are you supposed to do -- stop breathing?

What's the grossest thing that's happened to you during your pregnancy?


Image via Pardee Ave./Flickr

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