Adorable Toddler in a Tiger Suit Makes a New Friend at the Zoo (VIDEO)

Are you ready to die of cuteness? Are you sure you’re ready? Because it’s going to happen.

It all started when 2-year-old Marshall Shaffer visited the zoo with his mom and dad on Halloween dressed in his tiger costume. There he met 6-month-old tiger cub Kali, who was hanging out in her enclosure at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington.


Kali immediately noticed Marshall, and the two played together through the glass on quite possibly the most adorable play date ever. Marshall’s dad Heath caught it all on tape. I dare you not to smile watching it.


I can’t decide if the cutest part is Kali looking like she’s trying to reach through the glass to play or that it sounds like Marshall is saying, “Kitty!” as he giggles and squeals while running back and forth.

Have you ever seen animals play this enthusiastically with people on the other side of the glass?

Image via Marshall Shaffer/YouTube

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