The 11 Emotions Every Mom Feels at Nap Time (PHOTOS)

womanNap time. Let's talk about it, Moms. It's pretty great, isn't it? (Hopefully) your little one goes down for a few hours each day and you can get some stuff done during that time -- be it errands around the house, making your way through the DVR, or simply enjoying a brief moment of peace and quiet.

But nap time, like every aspect of parenting, doesn't come without a bevy of emotions. Here are the 11 emotions every mom experiences at nap time.


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When it's T-minus a half hour to nap time, you start getting antsy:


Then, when it's t-minus five minutes, you just get giddy:


But when you're putting your little one to bed, and you look at them all snug in your arms, you're like:


But then when you shut their door and realize you have the place to yourself, you're like:


You check your favorite websites:


Maybe clean the floor:


And then you go online again:


But then you start getting bored:


Then you realize how long your kid's been sleeping and you start to get worried:


And then your little one gets up and you're like, "Yay! I missed you!"


And, then, in a couple of hours, you're like, "Is it bed time yet?"


What do you feel during nap time?


Image via Zave Smith/Image Source/Corbis

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