How My Innocent Pregnancy Joke Became a 'Major Health Scare'

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had been blogging for a few years, mostly sharing the antics of our day-to-day family life and the hilarious things her then 4-year-old sister said.

Always one to be tongue-in-cheek, I may have written something smart-assy about my gestating baby, thinking everyone would get the joke. Boy was I wrong!


In the profile section of my blog, I wrote:

“I have recently been diagnosed with a parasite in my abdomen. The pest is causing tremendous weight gain, unpredictable mood swings, and incredible exhaustion. Doctors say the issue should resolve itself in April.”

I had written a lot about my pregnancy, and even had one of those little ticking sidebar things counting down to April 1, my daughter’s due date.

Obvious, right?

Except for some sweet older family members that contacted my husband and wanted to know what kind of viral or bacterial infection I had that doctors wouldn’t be able to treat until the baby was born.

They were also concerned that I would be blogging about such a serious matter without telling our family about it first. My husband, who was unaware that I had been quite so clever on my little blog, told the relatives that I was fine, and they must have read it on someone else’s blog.

Now since they had had the site bookmarked, and you know, there were pictures of my family and me all over it, not to mention my last name that I shared with them, they became very concerned that I not only hadn’t told my extended family about this awful infection, but my own husband!

So I ended up getting sort of interventioned about it -- after much prayer, they decided that they needed to tell me that I had to tell my husband about such a serious health scare, and that I might want to think more carefully next time before I posted something like that on the Internet.

At this point I was confused as all get out, because I was thinking, WTF are they talking about? I’m perfectly healthy. Second trimester for the win!

It finally got all figured out, with not a little bit of tsk-tsking over calling my unborn baby a “parasite” and a “pest.” It was a joke, people!

You should’ve seen the time I posted on Facebook that I was “knocked up.” My favorite comment on that one was something along the lines of, “In my generation we didn’t say such vulgar things!”

Do you have any awesome pregnancy-related misunderstandings?


Image via Jenny Erikson

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