6 Ways Toddlers Are Just Like Little Monkeys (PHOTOS)

toddler squatToddlers. It's crazy how cute they are, isn't it? Their little walks; the things they say; their "dexterity." They're positively adorable and hilarious and amazing. Also, they all have weird similarities to monkeys. Ever notice that?

Here are 6 ways toddlers really are just little monkeys.

Images via Keren Su/Corbis/Nicole Fabian-Weber

  • Monkey Crouch


    Keren Su/Corbis


    Monkeys and toddlers both love this classic position ...

  • Toddler Crouch


    Nicole Fabian-Weber

    The crouch! What toddler (or monkey) doesn't love this adorable squat?

  • Monkeys Eat Random Things Off the Floor


    Nigel Pavitt/Corbis

    What the heck is that?!


  • Toddlers Eat Random Things Off the Floor


    Sandro di Carlo Darsa/Corbis

    What that heck is THAT?!

  • Monkeys Eat Things Off Other People


    Ian Trower/Corbis


    They don't seem to mind at all.

  • Toddlers Eat Things Off Other People


    Nicole Fabian-Weber

    Cheerios off of mama's jeans? Why not!

  • Monkeys Imitate What Others Do


    Suzi Esterhas/Corbis


    Know the saying "monkey see, monkey do"?

  • Toddlers Imitate What Others Do


    Laura Dwight/Corbis


    Should be toddler see, toddler do!

  • Monkeys Have No Problem Losing It in Public


    Cyril Ruoso/JH Editorial/Corbis

    Nope. No inhibitions at all.

  • Toddlers Have No Problem Losing It in Public


    Joel Kramer/Flickr


    Fun times, right, Mom?

  • Monkeys Give the Best Snuggles


    Thomas Marent/Corbis


  • Actually, Toddlers Give the Best Snuggles


    LM Photo/Corbis


    Nobody gives a better hug than a toddler.

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