10 Reasons the Toddler Stage Is the Best

boy eating ice creamEven though my 7-year-old is independent, fun, smart, and easy to take care of in a lot of ways -- there are times that I just can't help but miss his toddler days for a variety of reasons.

Sure, I had my fair share of challenges with him during those years, but in many ways, the time between the ages of 1 and 4 is probably one of the stages I'll look back on and miss the most as he grows up.

And no ... it's not because he was just so stinkin' precious and cute, though I guess those things play a factor in my nostalgia too.


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Here are 10 reasons the toddler phase is a time to be treasured and celebrated.

  1. They still nap = winning -- OMG. Do you know what parents of big kids would give for an uninterrupted couple of hours during the day to get stuff done -- or to take a snooze themselves?!? Nap time is amazeballs.
  2. They don't know how to spell -- You can still talk in "code" with your husband, friends, etc. Once toddlers start speaking, you can't swear in front of 'em anymore, but at least you can still spell out the f-bomb since they have no idea what you're saying.
  3. You can give 'em a paci when they're being loud -- Assuming they'll still take one, of course. Silence is golden, people.
  4. They want to sit in your lap all the time -- Snuggles are awesome. The end.
  5. They think everything you do is hilarious -- Every. Single. Thing. When they get older, they're embarrassed -- no, make that mortified by you.
  6. They let you have control of the radio in the car -- Don't get me wrong, I love One Direction. But it's ALL we listen to if my son is in the car.
  7. They call you "Mommy" -- You just wait until the first time you hear "Mommmmmmm" said in an annoyed tone. You'll long for the toddler days.
  8. They keep you active -- I know it sounds cliche, the whole "I stay thin by running after my kids" thing -- but it's actually true. When you are following your child around instead of sitting on the couch, the pounds are easier to keep off.
  9. They're easily impressed -- Treat them to an ice cream cone, and they'll look at you like you just gave 'em gold. Take a big kid to Disney, and he may or may not complain like crazy by the end of the day.
  10. They let you you hold their hand -- Sigh. My days are numbered on this one, and it's killing me. While your kiddo is still little, grab hold of his hand -- and don't ever let go!

What do you love most about the toddler phase?


Image via Mary Fischer

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