Kids Teach Moms How Misguided They Are About Their Parenting Skills (VIDEO)

little girl from videoHow would you describe yourself as a mom? For most of us, the answer is rarely a string of self-congratulatory accolades. As judgy as we moms can be, we are most harsh on ourselves. The insecurities are endless -- I'm not patient enough, I struggle with my temper, I have doubts about my abilities, the list goes on and on. Just listen to these women describe themselves. It's heartbreaking and reflects how we all feel at times. Though the most heart-wrenching part of this video comes when their children are asked to describe their moms. It will bring you to tears.


It really puts things in perspective, doesn't it? The kids were asked the very same thing and their answers could not have been more different. We worry about things that never even enter our children's minds. Making our children happy can be so simple. They don't care about parenting philosophies or long-range plans.

For kids, a trip to the ice cream shop, snuggling, or being tucked in each night are the things that make them happy. It's easy to beat ourselves up about all the things we don't do perfectly or the little mishaps that happen every day. But while we are doing that, we lose sight of all the things we are doing right. Like our little ones, we should focus on those seemingly simple moments that make them feel so special.

So I pledge to do that from this day on. That doesn't mean I won't freak out or have self doubt about things -- that comes with the territory. But I will remind myself that our kids don't focus on all that negativity. They just want to feel loved. The bottom line is, even when we think we are doing everything wrong, our kids see the best in us. That alone makes being a mom feel so amazing.

How would you describe yourself as a mom?

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