16 Grossest Things Parents Do for Their Kids

Jeanne Sager | Nov 4, 2013 Being a Mom

kid picking his nose
You don't have to be a parent very long to realize the universal truth of kids: they're gross. They burp and fart with reckless abandon, and they've never heard a potty joke that did not leave them on the floor in stitches. But parents, let's be honest with ourselves for a second, shall we? We're pretty gross too. At least, we parents do some pretty disgusting things for the sake of our kids.

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Yes, all parents, even the faint of heart, have found themselves helping covered in pee or poop a time or two (and sometimes both). You are not alone!

And to prove it, we here at CafeMom asked parents to 'fess up to some of the most disgusting things they've done for their kids.

Think you can top number 11? What's the most disgusting thing you've done for your kids?

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