7 Children's Book Favorites That Contain Some Major Parenting Fails (PHOTOS)

love you foreverAw, there's nothing quite like reading our babies a sweet, classic children's book, right? One that our mamas and papas read to us when we were itty-bitty whips of things? So sweet. And such a rite of passage.

Except ... have you seen what's in these books?! They're doling out really shitty parenting advice in these things! I mean, sure, the illustrations are bar none -- and let's get real, babies are far too young to pick up on nuance -- but ... do not, parents, I repeat, do not duplicate what you see in these books on your own children. Do as Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein do, not as they write.

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Here are 7 children's books you should not take parenting advice from.


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