I Wear Pajamas to Drop My Kids Off at School & I'm Not Ashamed


Every school year, I start out with the same good intentions: To NOT wear pajamas when I drop my kids off in the morning. Every September, I tell myself the same, sad lie: This year, I'll actually get dressed before I take them to school. In real clothes. With buttons, and zippers, and no elastic waistbands. Or cartoon characters. 

Yeah. Wanna know what I was wearing when I walked my son to third grade today? Homer Simpson pajama pants, a jack o' lantern t-shirt I've had for -- literally -- 26 years, and a puffy black winter jacket. And you wanna know why? Because I remembered something very important, something I remember and forget every year ...


Pajamas ARE real clothes. They are!! The dictionary even says so:

clothes n.pl. 1. garments for the body; articles of dress; wearing apparel. 2. bedclothes

See?? Pajamas may in fact be the truest item of clothing available! Not only are they "garments for the body," they're (sort of) "bedclothes!" Take that, judgy fancy moms!

Of course, that brings me to the real conflict I have with wearing pajamas to drop my kids off at school. It's not my the potential shame my kids might be feeling about having a mom who wears floral print boxer shorts and a Snoopy t-shirt and calls it an "outfit," it's the hot, glaring eyes of other mothers staring me and my lazy-ass fashion sense down. 

Now, the funny thing is, ordinarily I'm not the type who cares what other people think of me. At all. And it's not that I care if any other moms think I'm a horrible dresser -- it's the associated implication that my slovenly appearance means I'm somehow unfit to parent. She can't even dress herself! What must her house look like? (It looks like the house of someone who wears Homer Simpson pants outside, okay??)

But, then I remember the thing about pajamas being clothes, and how that means judgment boils down to personal taste, and how I want my kids to be true to themselves so that means I have to be true to myself and THAT means I have to wear pajamas to school.

And that's that.

Do you wear pajamas to take your kid to school?

Image via Amy Jane Gustafson/Flickr

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