Top 8 Reasons Halloween Is Hell on a Helicopter Parent

Jenny Erikson | Oct 30, 2013 Being a Mom

Ah, Halloween ... the holiday where we throw conventional wisdom out the window and encourage our kids to wander the streets at night and take candy from strangers. Gotta love it!

Unless you’re a helicopter parent, of course. Then Halloween is probably your living nightmare.

Here are the top eight reasons Halloween is hell on helicopter parents.

Do you worry about weird things on Halloween?


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  • Hypothermia


    Image via BRENDAN MCDERMID/Corbis

    Your child doesn't want to wear a coat over her fairy princess tutu. She's obviously going to get hypothermia or frostbite at the very least.

  • Poisoned Candy


    Image via Betsey Weber/Flickr

    There's poison in that chocolate. You just know it. Maybe not, but there could be, and that's basically the same.

  • Offensive Costumes


    Image via Joshua Dalsimer/Corbis

    Your baby might be scarred for life after a night of skeery skeletons, zombies, witches, and monsters. No no no, we do not smile at Death!

  • Burglars Casing Your Joint


    Image via Jorgo/Corbis

    Those tricky parents following their little ones around from house to house are really cat burglars in disguise. Be especially aware if they make any small-talk comments like "nice house."

  • Kidnappers


    Image via Blue Lantern Studio/Corbis

    What kid wouldn't be lured by a shady stranger with candy on Halloween? Especially one in a 1950s costume that matches her own?

  • Slutty Outfits


    Image via k@bl@rkin/Flickr

    That's it. Your daughter is going to end up on 16 & Pregnant -- and it will all be because she was exposed to floozie ghosts in skimpy costumes on the last day of October.

  • Hazards


    Image via Edith Held/Corbis

    Those jack-o-lanterns are smiling, but you know that two terrified little boys are trapped inside those gourds. The pumpkins are stuck on their heads for life!

  • Accidents


    Image via Linda Thomas/Flickr

    Frickin' crazy drivers out there ... you know they're not paying attention to trick-or-treaters at all!

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