5 of the Most Epic Toddler Temper Tantrums of All Time (VIDEOS)

tantrumToddler tantrums. Admit it, when it's not your kid, they're kind of funny. Sure, you feel bad for the kid -- and the parent -- but you know that they're fine and likely just freaking out over the fact that Mom moved a sharp object from his reach, or a song he liked ended. Toddlers are very dramatic.

So we can all have a good laugh -- and not feel like our kids are the only ones who have tantrums -- here are five of the most hilarious, ridiculous temper tantrums of all time.


Here, two toddlers battle it out over who's two. Classic argument.

Another tantrum about age. This little doll is so upset that she's not four! Poor thing!

This here little girl is SO MAD that her mom is telling her she loves her! Who can blame her?! (Note: This loses steam after about a minute, so may want to move on.)

This little boy charges his dad because he wants some birthday cake. Don't worry, buddy! It's coming!

Okay, this isn't a toddler tantrum, it's a teen tantrum. But it's so epic that it needed to be added to the list. This boy did NOT want his World of Warcraft account cancelled.

And here's a bonus video I found. It isn't a tantrum. But it's "freakin'" hilarious.

What's the worst place your child has ever thrown a tantrum?


Image via USAbLaSt/YouTube

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