Tap Dancing Toddler's Unique Moves Make This Recital a Must-See (VIDEO)

broadway babyAs a mom who's coached her kids from the sidelines during assorted recitals and other performances involving hand/body motions set to music, I've noticed that essentially, toddlers on stage have three options: 1. Do the dance moves you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do them (this almost never happens). 2. Blank out, stare into space, and sway to some vague rhythm (the preferred choice of most tiny dancers!). 3. Go rogue and get down!

The adorable little girl in this video's choice? #3. Think of it this way: Some kids march to the beat of their own drummer; others, like this kid, tap dance to their own crazy inner choreographer, and it's awesome. 


Who knows what was going on in her adorable little head? Maybe she forgot the actual steps, or maybe once she got out there on stage and saw all the people in the audience, inspiration struck and she just had to GET HER GROOVE ON. Either way, the kid's a born performer -- just try to look away! (Hint: You can't!) Check it out ... 


OHHH MY GOD, how cute is that kid?? Although you can't help but feel sorta bad for the other girls on stage, who are just completely and totally UPSTAGED. Oh well. Maybe next time they'll take a cue from their co-star and bust some big, crazy moves of their own.

Has your kid ever done something like this onstage?


Image via Elio Rui Silva/YouTube

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